Bridal Backdrops for your Gold Coast Wedding

Do you want to create the ‘WOW’ factor at your wedding?  Well a Bridal Backdrop can really provide the Glamour factor to your Wedding Reception!

Using a Backdrop to Decorate Your Wedding

There is a large arrange of different Backdrops you can choose from:

  • Fairy Light Backdrop
  • Framing Backdrop
  • White Draped Back Drop
  • And our New- Kim Kardashian- Black and White Backdrop!

Fairy Light Bridal Backdrop

Fairy Light Backdrop Behind Bridal Table

White Backdrop- Perfect for Hiding an Ugly Wall

Decorating with a Wedding Backdrop- Where to use it in your Wedding Reception Room

If you are wondering where to place your bridal backdrop, here are a few suggestions:

  • Behind the Bridal Table at your Reception, making a focus point of the room
  • Behind Your Cake Table, acting as a nice backdrop for your photos of cutting the cake
  • To cover Glass sliding doors-  for additional privacy, if your venue isnt exclusively yours- it can act as a great divider!
  • To cover an ugly wall in your Reception Venue Room

How much will it cost to Decorate my Wedding with a Bridal Backdrop?

Bridal backdrops range anywhere from $350-$500 depending on the size and length, and draping kind.  It is a very little expense for the impact that it creates!!  It certainly is worth splashing out on this item to give your wedding the  ’jaw-dropping’  factor,  and also makes our wedding photos turn out so much nicer!

If you are planning your wedding on the GoldCoast,  we would be delighted to decorate your Reception Room!  Please contact us for a quote!  More images can be found at:  or you can email us:

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